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Marathon Central School District-Policy and Procedures


  1. The supervisor/chaperone of any group that has been approved to use the facilities of Marathon Central School District must make the following information available to all persons who enter the facilities:
  • All occupants are to be notified of the fire exits and location of fire alarm pull stations prior to the start of the event.
  • All attendees should be informed of parking regulations and be required to keep fire lanes clear at all time.  Violators’ vehicles may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.
  1. The approved supervisor/chaperone(s) must supervise attendees at all times.  He/She/They must ensure that all persons have left the facilities/grounds after the event.
  1. In the event of an accident resulting in a blood or body fluid spill, the incident must be reported to the cleaner or custodian on duty immediately to ensure proper clean up.  In the event that a cleaner or custodian is not available and a supervisor/chaperone or other responsible individual cleans up the blood or bodily fluid, then a protective barrier, such as gloves, must be worn.  All safety precautions should be used in cleaning up blood or bodily fluids as it can reasonably be anticipated that direct or indirect contact with blood or other potentially infectious material is possible.  Cleanup of blood or bodily fluid should be reported to the District Office at the start of the first business day following the cleanup.
  1. All injuries must be reported to the respective building nurse’s office by completing and submitting the Marathon Central School Districts Accident Report Form.  This form must be submitted by the start of the first business day following the injury.  Accident Report Forms are available at the nurse’s office.
  1. Damage that may have occurred to any supplies, equipment or facility must be reported to the building principal at the start of the first business day following the event. The organization(s) further agree to pay for any and all damages incurred during the use of the building for the approved event.
  1. The organization using the Marathon Central School District facilities will pay for any EXTRA custodial services, supervision, and/or security that the school may determine are necessary.
  1. The organization requesting use of the facility agrees to pay all necessary charges and to abide by all local and state regulations.
  1. The organization requesting use of the Marathon Central School District facility further agrees to be responsible for providing adequate supervision and liability of its members, as well as all necessary insurance coverage.
  1. The Marathon Central School District encourages organizations requesting the use of district facilities to require all their student participants to be on time to school and present in school on the date(s) of the organizations scheduled activities.   Students who are late to school without a legal excuses or absent from school without an educationally approved absent should not be allowed to participate on that date.    Students who have in school or out of school suspension should not be allowed to participate on the date of their suspension.  It is recommended that the supervisor/chaperone convey this information to the student participants at the being of each program session.
  1. The Board of Education in accordance with the Project SAVE legislation approved a Code of Conduct and Comprehensive Safety Plan for the District.  Copies of both documents are available in the District Office.  All attendees and participants in activities that take place in and/or on school buildings and/or grounds are required to adhere to the guidelines in these documents.
  1. A certificate of insurance is required prior to approval.  If the group does not have insurance, a signed liability release form must be on file with the district for all participants in any event/activity prior to approval.  (Please ask for one from the building secretary if applicable.)
  1. Non-Discrimination Notice - The Marathon Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or age in its programs, activities, employment, and admissions, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.


It is recognized that (a) the COVID-19 virus poses serious health risks and may be transmitted by individuals who are infected and contagious but who do not show symptoms or other evidence of the virus; (b) the COVID-19 virus can be spread by close contact between individuals and the risk is increased during participation in group activities; (c) the NYS Department of Health, Cortland County Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control have issued guidance to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, including variants of the virus, including but not limited to requirements for use of masks, physical distancing, hygiene, and contact tracing; and (d) use of facilities may need to be suspended or cancelled if community metrics, transmission rates, or other conditions change.

Ms. Hoyt, the COVID-19 Coordinator, is designated as the main point of contact to work with NYS and/or the local health department in the contact tracing process.  A list of the names, addresses and contact information for all attendees/participants in the activity will be maintained and made available to the School District and/or department of health upon request for the purpose of contract tracing.

It is agreed that:

  1. All participants/attendees will wear appropriate face coverings (masks) as required by the most current guidance of New York State.
  2. The number of participants/attendees shall be limited in accordance with the most current guidance of New York State.
  3. All participants/spectators shall be required to maintain physical distance from each other in accordance with the most current guidance of New York State.
  4. All participants/attendees will be directed to stay home if displaying any symptom of COVID-19 (including any variant thereof).
  5. All participants/attendees will be informed of their obligation to maintain adequate hand and respiratory hygiene and to  adhere to physical distancing requirements required by New York State.
  6. Adequate PPE (face coverings, disposable gloves) will be made available as necessary.

The individual/organization shall be responsible for ensuring that the above requirements are implemented.

The individual/organization will defend and/or indemnify the School District for any claim related to its use of the school district facilities and the COVID-19 virus, including any variant, and will provide the School District with evidence satisfactory to the School District of insurance coverage for the same prior to use of School District facilities.


Updated 4/19/21